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UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
Code: N9720
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N9723UPS CyberPower UT850E-FR
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
View of the device
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
Top and rear views
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
View of the packaging
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
The CyberPower DL850ELCD UPS provides uninterrupted power supply for computer equipment and other important components of home/SOHO systems. This versatile device features high performance and can be easily managed by every user. The UPS has three battery-powered outlets providing filtered 230 VAC voltage. The LEDs on the top of the enclosure indicate operational status of the device and battery condition.
The included software - PowerPanel Personal Edition - allows the user to manage and monitor the UPS via USB port (AC voltage, battery status, scheduled shutdown, remaining battery life etc).
Key features:
  • 3 battery-powered 230 VAC outlets,
  • GreenPower UPS technology,
  • Power Management software included,
  • EMI, RFI filtering,
  • USB communication port,
  • Auto restart and battery charging,
  • Status LEDs.
NameCyberPower DL850ELCD
Output power
850 / 490 [VA/W]
Input voltage
192...263 VAC.
47...63 Hz
Battery-powered outputs
230 VAC ± 5% simulated sine wave
50/60Hz ± 1%
 3x CEE 7/5 (all with battery backup)
Typical switch-over time
4 ms
Rechargeable battery
1x  12V 7Ah (lead-acid)
Charging time
8 h (90% of full capacity after full discharge)
Short circuit/overload protection
fuse. output current limiter;
battery charging current limitation
Overvoltage/surge protection
Phone/fax/modem protection
Audible alarms
battery operation, low battery, overloading
SoftwarePowerPanel® Personal Edition
Operating temperature0 ... +40°C
Dimensions [mm]235 x 90 x 190 mm
Weight3.1 kg


This UPS model may not work properly with computers having power supplies with Active PFC. To ensure proper operation with such computers, the user should employ a full sine wave UPS, e.g. N9714 from PR series.
Withdrawn from the offer
N9723UPS CyberPower UT850E-FR
UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD
Code: N9720