VHF DVB-T/T2 & DAB Antenna: DIPOL 11/5-12

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VHF antenna (ch. 5-12), suitable for reception of low signals. Antenna packed in foil. Aluminum parts, electro-galvanized steel structural components. The set includes impedance transformer.
• Band: 170 - 230 MHz (VHF)
• Max. gain: 9 dBi
• Polarisation: H/V
• Directional characteristics
• Number of elements: 11


3-year warranty.



Antenna suitable for DVB-T/T2 signal reception
DIPOL-11/5-12 A1116 is a professional, 11-element antenna designed for reception of digital DVB-T/T2 and DAB/DAB+ signals broadcast in the 174-230 MHz frequency range (ch. 5-12). Thanks to universal construction, the antenna can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position, to comply with the polarization of the received signals. Main parts of the antenna are made of aluminum, other elements of electro-galvanized steel.
Key features
  • antenna designed for receiving:
    • DVB-T/T2 broadcasts in VHF band
    • DAB/DAB+ broadcasts (174-230 MHz)
  • mountable horizontally or vertically, to suit to the polarization of the transmitter(s) in the area
  • made of aluminum
  • made in Poland


Antenna type TV DVB-T/T2, Radio DAB
Name DIPOL 11/5-12
Manufacturer DIPOL
RF antenna type Directional
General data
' pcs. 11
Dimensions mm 1690 × 900 × 370
Weight kg 1,25
Packaging type Film
Impedance Ohm 300
Balun Yes (75 ohm)
Operating band VHF
Frequency range MHz 170 – 230
Channels 5 – 12
Max gain. dBi 9
Radiation pattern front/back dB > 13.5
Standing wave ratio 1.48 – 1.76
Polarization H/V
VHF polarization H/V
Built-in amplifier No
Max. mast/tube diameter mm 50