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Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
Code: K2131
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Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
View of the device

Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
View of the other side

Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
The included accessories

Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
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The Pixord P1401 video server converts analog video/audio signal from a camera into IP packets that are transmitted as data stream through any computer network.
The main applications include professional video surveillance systems (in businesses, offices, stores, shopping molls, industrial plants, bank, government buildings, housing developments, houses etc.) based on IP networks.
Capabilities of PiXORD P1401 video server:
  • integration with any IP video surveillance system,
  • live preview of image via Internet Explorer from any place in the world,
  • control via IE from any place in the world,
  • availability of analog signal (BNC output) in parallel to IP interface,
  • remote recording of video and sound on remote computer (via IE),
  • remote preview of image with VLC or Quick Time Player,
  • recording of still pictures (JPEG or BMP) captured from the video viewed via IE,
  • simultaneous preview of images from 4 PiXORD devices (the image from this server and 3 other devices, models: K1130 P300, K1131 P400, K1132 P400W, K1136 P428, K1236 P463DW, K2131 P1401) on one website,
  • videoconferencing via IE (with built-in software - one only needs the second video server or IP camera from PiXORD, out of the models: K1130 P300, K1131 P400, K1132 P400W, K1136 P428, K1236 P463DW, K2131 P1401),
  • posting live video on any website (the source code needed for pasting is available in download section),
  • appropriate action after motion has been detected:
    • sending short AVI files to an ftp server,
    • sending short AVI files as e-mail attachment,
    • activation of alarm output,
  • connection of analog PTZ camera via RS485 or RS 232 port and control of its functions (pan/tilt/zoom), using Lilin, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, or DynaColor protocol.
Video server P1401 has one video input (BNC) for connecting analog camera (PAL or NTSC). Additional analog output (BNC) allows to transmit the original signal to another device, e.g. a DVR or a monitor. The video server is also equipped with audio input (jack) for connecting a microphone. Both the video and audio are digitized, compressed and formed into packets, with parameters ensuring DVD quality. The built-in LEDs inform the user about power and network status. Reset button allows to restore default settings. The device is also equipped with:
  • 12VDC power jack,
  • RJ45 network connector,
  • mini DIN connector - for connecting special cable developing connection capabilities:
    • RS485 interface (terminal strip) - for PTZ control
    • alarm input (terminal strip)
    • alarm output (terminal strip)
P1401 can stream video in MPEG-4 ot MJPEG format, with D1 (720x576 PAL, 720x480 NTSC) resolution at 25 fps (PAL) or 30 fps (NTSC). Its resolution can be reduced to CIF or QCIF. Sound can be sent in PCM or MP2 format.
In each video format the user can set compression level which influences image quality and bandwidth requirements. Additionally, in MPEG-4 format it is possible to choose CBR or VBR option and change advanced Group of Picture (GOP) settings. The MPEG-4 streaming uses RTSP protocol.
Configuration options of the embedded firmware:
  • advanced image settings:
    • resolution, frame rate, interlaced/non-interlaced, TV standard (PAL, NTSC, SECAM), contrast, brightness, color, rotation, automatic electronic shutter, backlight compensation,
  • advanced compression options:
    • MPEG-4:
      • bitrate options:
        • Constant Bitrate (CBR) - from 64kbps to 4Mbps (influences quality of image),
        • Variable Bitrate (VBR) - choice among four quality levels (actual bitrate depends on variability of the scene and the chosen quality level),
      • automatic adjustment of bitrate in case of network limitations (it protects the captured video against improper decompression),
      • choice of frame sequence (I-Frame and P-Frame in GOP),
      • GOP size,
      • bitrate limit,
    • MJPEG:
      • choice among four quality levels,
  • audio settings:
    • on/off
    • PCM (48k, 8k) or MP2 compression,
  • PTZ settings:
    • interface (RS485, RS232),
    • standard settings of RS485/RS232 interface,
    • protocol (Lilin, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, DynaColor),
  • choice and configuration of additional sources of video (for viewing of images from 4 PiXORD cameras on the camera's website),
  • insertion of OSD information,
  • assignment of IP address from DHCP server or insertion of static parameters (IP address, subnetwork mask, default gateway, DNS server),
  • change of standard ports (camera management, MJPEG, sound: port 80 - http) and MPEG-4 (port 554 - RTSP),
  • DynDNS settings,
  • remote information on camera (firmware version, MAC address),
  • restoring default settings,
  • synchronization of date and time with NTP server or computer,
  • defining access rights (administrator, or user - viewing only),
  • remote update of firmware,
  • reaction to events (motion detection, external alarm),
  • defining motion detection area and parameters,
  • assigning FTP server for sending short AVI files,
  • assigning e-mail address for sending e-mails with AVI attachments,
  • remote restart.
The included accessories:
  • AC/DC adapter (100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz / 12VDC, 1.5A),
  • Ethernet patch cable,
  • cable adapter: mini DIN / BNC(video) and terminal strip (RS485, alarm in, alarm out).
The included CD-ROM contains:
  • quick installation guide
  • user's manual
  • IPInstaller utility - for searching IP PiXORD cameras in the network
  • PiXORD Component Installer - for integration of PiXORD plugins with Internet Explorer
  • instructions for PiXORD Component Installer
  • DirectX
  • XviD codec
  • QuickTime player
  • Adobe Flash Player plugin for Internet Explorer
  • managing utility - IP monitoring system IP P6032 (OEM)
The camera can be also managed by commercial IP CCTV software - NUUO.



CPU 32-bit RISC

ROM 4MB Flash




2 x LED (Network, Power/ System Status)

RJ-45 (Ethernet 10/100 Base-T)

Power (12V DC)

Mini DIN (RS485, RS232, GPIO, Video output)

2 x BNC (analog video in/out)

Audio in (jack 3.5mm)


Video compression


Video settings



Electronic shutter: on/off


Full D1 (720 x 576), VGA, CIF, QVGA, QCIF, QQVGA



Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)



Transmission requirements

Max. speed: 4 Mbps


Working temperature

5 to 50 ºC


20 - 80 %

Supplying voltage

12 V DC

Power consumption

<8 W

Physical specs

Dimensions (D x W x H)

142 x 119 x 40 mm


490 g



Remote recording with simultaneous monitoring

Image rotation

Fullscreen mode




Alarm management

Triggering: motion detection

Result: notification


IP Installer (finds network devices)

Firmware updating

Via the Web

Client requirements

Pentium 4 2.0

512 MB RAM

Windows: 98se/Me/2000/XP

Latest service packs

Latest drivers

DirectX 9.0c or later

Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Macromedia Flash 6

XviD MPEG-4 codec


Multi-tier access control

Video recording

Directly through browser

With free software pack

Withdrawn from the offer
Video Server: Pixord P1401 - CLEARANCE SALE!
Code: K2131