Video surveillance system in a hotel

The investor in the new, 51-room hotel Maly Rzym (Small Rome) built in historic town, Sandomierz, commissioned DIPOL Sandomierz to install a modern video surveillance system.
The Maly Rzym hotel
Installing a CCTV system, one has to carefully select the places that should be monitored, deploy appropriate cameras, choose suitable DVRs and hard drives. After the analysis of the facility and potential dangers, the company installed a total of 33 n-cam and v-cam cameras.
n-cam 670 M11284 cameras in winter scenery
The n-cam 670 M11284 compact cameras have been installed on the outside of the hotel. Their IP66-rated housings protect the electronics from harsh weather conditions. With high resolution of 650 TVL the cameras provide detailed images. At night, they use built-in IR illuminators, with range up to 30 meters.
The deployment of the cameras enables protection of entries and exits to/from the hotel area, as well as monitoring of parking lots. Thanks to the universal 2.8-12 mm lenses, some of the cameras can be used to overview whole parking lots, while other can register the license plates of the cars entering or leaving the area.
The v-cam 450 M10749 cameras monitor the inside of the hotel
It is also important to monitor all the entries and exits to/from the hotel building. Properly selected and installed cameras should be able to capture images that allow the identification of any person entering or exiting the building. It helps to protect the guests and the hotel property.
These cameras also have to monitor the reception. It improves security and helps to detect potential fraud that may be perpetrated not only by customers but also by the hotel staff. The v-cam 490 M10749 vandal-proof cameras are equipped with universal, varifocal lenses with focal length adjustable within the range of 2.8-12 mm, giving a lot of flexibility for selecting optimum field of view at each location. The BLC function of the cameras can eliminate the effect of darkening the foreground when a camera is pointed towards a strong source of light (a window).
The video from the cameras is recorded by three Ultimax 14xx DVRs. Thanks to WD1 recording resolution (960x576 pixels, the maximum in the case of analog video), the DVRs allow for recording the video without a loss of detail.
View of the Ultimax 14xx DVRs mounted in Signal RACK cabinet
With the use of LAN, all DVRs have bee integrated into one system managed by a single application. This solution offers quick access to archival resources and live images from the building and its vicinity via the three DVRs. Some staff members have been given the opportunity to preview the images on the Internet with the use of handhelds.
Live video monitoring via a web browser
The 19" Signal rack cabinet with the Ultimax DVRs, power supplies, switches , power cords and other accessories has been located in the hotel server room.
View of the Signal rack cabinet with the CCTV equipment