VSB TV Modulator: Terra MT-32 (ch. 1-69, S1-S38)



MT32 R871734 TV modulator is a top class device designed for combining into antenna systems signals from security cameras, DVD or media players, satellite or DVB-T receivers etc.
The vestigial side band modulator is an attractively priced solution for antenna systems distributing lots of TV channels. Thanks to the advanced modulation technique, the devices can operate on adjacent channels, without the need of at least two channel gaps necessary in the case of conventional, dual side band modulators.
The MT-32 R871734 modulator is microprocessor controlled - the choice of the RF channel is performed with two buttons and its number is displayed on the LED display (similarly to any other parameter being adjusted). All parameters of the modulator are stored in a non-volatile memory. The use of quartz stabilizer (PLL) practically eliminates frequency error. A number of the modulators can be connected in cascade.
The modulator supports multi-standard operation (audio): B/G/D/K/Au/I/L. The output channel can be freely selected within 45-862 MHz band, with maximum level of 95 dBμV.
The MT-32 R871734 modulators can be successfully used both in home antenna installations as well as in MATV systems. The 95 dBuV output level ensures direct distribution of the RF signals to multiple antenna outlets. Meticulous quality control in Terra company makes these devices virtually failure-free.


Product type Modulator
type Analog
Series PAL
Model MT-32
No. of channels single-channel
Applications Indoor
Number of inputs RCA/CVBS 1
RF 1
Video input Frequency range MHz 0.00002...6
Impedance Ohm 75
Audio input Frequency range kHz 0.02...15
level control dB 0...7
No. of outputs RF 1
Sekcja modulatora
Standard at RF output PAL
PAL signal standard B/G/D/K/Au/I/L
Carrier frequency MHz 5,5; 6,0; 6,5
Number of MUXes (carriers) at the RF output 1
Modulation VSB (single channel)
RF frequency range MHz 45...862
RF output level dBµV 80...95
Configuration LCD + buttons
Power consumption W max 5.5
Dimensions mm 135 × 180 × 52
Operating temperature °C -10...+50
Weight kg 0,74