Warranty periods of products sold by DIPOL company

Updated: September 2019
Each item we offer carries a manufacturer's warranty. Depending on the product and manufacturer, the warranty period lasts from one year to 15 years. The duration of the warranty period is specified on the product page. Since March 2019, the information on the warranty period for each item is also given in the invoice.
DIPOL company pays a lot of attention to offer the best products at the best possible prices. Our staff meticulously checks and tests them and negotiates prices, so that our most important customers - installers - do have reliable equipment not requiring warranty repairs at the deployment sites. To help our customers in proper installation and use of the offered products, we organize specialized courses, provide technical descriptions on product pages, prepare articles and tips available in the Library and VIDEO Guides sections, as well as in the weekly Newsletter. Welcome!
Since September 2011, DIPOL has extended the basic warranty period from one year to two years.
From February 2019, most products have the warranty length extended from two years to three years.
Currently, 80% of products offered by DIPOL are covered by 3-year or longer warranty.
Below we present groups of goods according to their warranty lengths. The indicated length applies only to the linked group or groups of goods. Other products of the same brand can have different warranty periods.
  • NETSET - a family of branded twisted pair cables
  • TERRA - specialized devices for receiving, processing, and distributing satellite and terrestrial TV signals: multiswitches, amplifiers, signal distribution components, LTE filters, modulators, converters, streamers, transmodulators, encoders, optical transmitters and receivers
  • SIGNAL FIRE - fusion splicers
  • MASTER - family of compression RF connectors and compression tools
Latest updates:
  • Since September 2019 Signal fusion splicers carry 4-year warranty (instead of 3-year period)
  • Since May 2019, Hikvision door phones and video door phones carry 3-year warranty (instead of 2-year period)