Waterproof Installation Box (210/230/145mm) IP66

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The waterproof installation box for wall or pole mounting. A mounting plate inside the box.
• The box can be mounted on a pole or wall
• Dimensions 210/230/145 mm
• Door protected with a rubber seal
• Door locked with cylinder lock
• 4 mounting holes
• IP55 rating


3-year warranty.



The waterproof installation box with dimensions of 210/230/145 mm is to be placed on a wall or pole. The box has 4 mounting holes. Inside the box, on the rear wall, there is easy-detachable mounting plate.
The design of the box is fully waterproof with no gaps between walls, so no water can get inside. The door, locked with cylinder lock, is protected with a rubber seal. The box has an IP66 rating.
The box can be mounted on a pole, with the use of dedicated bracket ( R90610E, to be bought separately). The cabinet has four cable entries (two blinded, one for the cable fitting, another can be blinded with the rubber cap).


Name SIGNAL sealed cabinet 210/230/145 mm IP66
Product type Sealed housing
Applications outdoor
Mounting type Surface-mounted
Pole mounting Yes (additional handle required)
Mounting plate Built-in Yes
Material Aluminium
Dimensions Width mm 210
Height mm 230
Depth mm 145
Housing material Material Powder-coated aluminum
Design Color Grey
Door rubber seal Yes
IP rating IP66
Rear wall Material Aluminium
Lock type drum
number of keys pcs. 2
Holes for cables Recesses in the bottom wall