Wireless A/V Transmission System: CAM5816m 5.8GHz (indoor, 1km)

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Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
View of the transmitter
View of the transmitter - the opposite side
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
View of the receiver
View of the receiver - the opposite side
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
The included accessories

The CAM5816m wireless transmission system has been designed to transmit analog audio and video signals over distances up to 1 km. It is a complete wireless system primarily dedicated for applications in analog CCTV. The set consists of transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) using unlicensed ISM band (5725 MHz - 5875 MHz). Aside from wireless transmission of video and sound in professional CCTV systems, the set can be used wherever one requires reliable, long-range AV links inside buildings, halls etc.
The set ensures high performance video/audio transmission, even in high-interference environments. This allows to use it in many various installations, such as video monitoring systems in cities, factories, at parking lots, in parks, businesses and many others.
The user can choose one of eight non-overlapping channels, which allows to employ up to 8 such sets in a single CCTV system. High quality video and easy mounting (no problem with changing the location of the camera and transmitter, if needed) make the equipment an irreplaceable means of wireless transmission in many situations where wired solutions are not economical or feasible. The CAM5816m set can also be a great complement to any existing wired CCTV system, allowing to seamlessly extend its range without interference in the previously installed wiring.
Main features
  • stable, high quality transmission of PAL/NTSC video
  • 8 non-overlapping video (and audio) channels
  • directional antennas with high gain to ensure stable operation
  • range up to 1 km
  • possibility of arranging links composed of two or more sets (in the case of non-visibility between the end points or distances over 1 km)
  • band free from industrial, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radiotelephone interferences
  • real-time transmission of the original signals (no digital processing - no delay for compression and packetization)
  • easy to install and completely maintenance-free
  • sturdy housings with integrated directional antennas
The components of the set:
  • A/V transmitter with omnidirectional antenna - CAM5816m-Tx,
  • A/V receiver with directional antenna and coax - CAM5816m-Rx,
  • Bracket and mounting elements for directional antenna,
  • Instructions and Declaration of Conformity
Name Wireless A/V Transmission System CAM5816m 5.8GHz
Code M1560
Band 5725 MHz ... 5875 MHz
Tx power
<25 mW; 13-16 dBm
Range 1 km
Rx sensitivity
-85 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω
Modulation FM
Number of alternative channels
Video system
Video interface BNC (75 Ω)
Audio interface
600 Ω 1Vp-p stereo
Audio band
30 Hz ... 15 kHz
Power 9...14 VDC (min. 500 mA)
Operating temperature 0...+55°C
Dimensions Tx/Rx: 115x65x40 mm
Application Indoor wireless A/V transmission
Notice: The antenna of the receiver has to be in line of sight with the antenna of the transmitter.


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