Wireless Control Kit: Exta Free RZB-01 (RNK-02 + ROP-01)

Code: F5010
This product is no longer available



Ready to use complete wireless kit (2-channel wireless remote control RNK-02 F5101 and 1-channel receiver/relay ROP-01 F5211) from EXTA FREE system. In addition, at any time it is possible to program and use another transmitter or receiver/actuator of the EXTA FREE system to modify or extend the set. This functionality expands the capabilities of the platform.
The RZB-01 kit consists of 1-channel receiver/relay ROP-01 F5211, designed for placing in junction boxes or directly in housings of lamps or other electrical equipment, and battery-operated wireless remote control RNK-02 F5101, which can be placed on any surface (including glass, wood, etc.) and in any location in a room. The kit allows for comfortable control of lighting, heating etc.
The ROP-01 F5211 receiver/relay is controlled by 8-channel wireless remote control P-256/8 F5118 and 2-channel wireless remote control RNK-02 F5101 (switching on/off the light sources). The controls can also switch remotely controlled AC power outlet RWG-01 F5224.
Key features:
  • Lighting, heating etc. operation control
  • One NO/OC relay output (dry contacts)
  • Easy installation in Ø 60 mm junction box
  • 5 operation modes: switching on, switching off, monostable mode, bistable mode, time mode (delay of switching off)
  • Long operation range (up to 180 m)
  • Optical indication of operation
  • Low power consumption, possibility of continuous operation


Name FW-D1P universal dimmer 230 V AC, RZB-01 wireless control set
Product type Transmitter, Relay
System Exta Free
Mounting In-box
Housing type Wall switch
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of relays 1
Relay parameters maximum current A 5
maximum voltage V 250
Number of transmitters 2
Power supply voltage VAC 230
battery CR2032
Range m 100
Protection rating IP20