Wireless Gate Controller: Exta Free ROB-01/12-24V

Code: F5222
This product is no longer available



Wireless Gate Controller: Exta Free ROB-01/12-24V
General view
The ROB-01/12-24V radio gate controller allows for operating any garage gates and similar electric drives via EXTA FREE wireless controls/transmitters. An advantage of the EXTA FREE system is possibility of using one remote to control entry gate, garage gate, room lighting, etc.
Key features:
  • Cooperation with wireless EXTA FREE remotes/transmitters (max 32 transmitters)
  • Control of entry gates, garage gates, and other electric drives
  • One remote control can be used to control several different drives with the ROB-01/12-24V units installed
  • Easy installation in Ø 60 mm junction box
  • Wide range of operation (up to 250 m)
  • Optical indication of operation
  • Low power consumption, possibility of continuous operation
8-channel Remote Control: Exta Free P-256/8Wireless Gate Controller: Exta Free ROB-01/12-24V1-channel Receiver/Relay: Exta Free ROP-01Roller Blinds Controller: Exta Free SRP-02Roller Blinds Controller: Exta Free SRP-02

The ROB-01/12-24V wireless gate controller can receive commands from any EXTA FREE remote/transmitter. In the diagram above, it is the P-256/8 F5118 remote which can also control outdoor lighting (through ROP-01 F5301), roller blinds and garage shutters (2x SRP-02 F5432).
Name Wireless Gate Controller Exta Free ROB-01/12-24V
Code F5222
Supplying voltage 
12...24 (AC or DC)
Operating band [MHz] 868
Receiving channels
Relay output
1x NO (2 A / 250 V- max; AC3 500 VA; dry contact)
Operating temperature [°C] -10....55 
Reception range [m] up to 250
IP rating
Dimensions [mm] 48x48x20
Weight [kg] 0.04



Name ROP-02 Exta Free radio gateway receiver ROB-01/12-24V Exta Free
Product type Relay
System Exta Free
Mounting In-box
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of relays 1
Relay parameters maximum current A 2
maximum voltage V 250
contact type NO/NC
Power supply voltage VDC 12...24
Range m 250
Protection rating IP20
Operating temperature °C -10...55
Dimensions mm 48 × 48 × 20