Wireless Remote Control: Exta Free RNK-04 (4ch)

Code: F5102
This product is no longer available



Wireless remote control RNK-04 is a small component in the form of double rocker switch for sending commands (on/off, dimming/brightening light, lifting/lowering window blinds, time functions) addressed to various receivers/actuators of EXTA FREE system. With small size, light weight and decorator style, the device can be placed on any surface (including glass, wood, etc.) and in any location in a room.
Key features:
  • Wireless remote control with double rocker switch
  • Remote control of EXTA FREE receivers/actuators
  • Possibility to control two independent receivers/actuators
  • Range up to 250 m
  • Battery-operated
  • Easy installation in any place using double-sided tape or screws
  • Optical indication of sending information and the condition of the battery
  • Possibility to switch on/off any number of EXTA FREE receivers/actuators
The RNK-04 F5102 controls the RDP-01 F5301 radio dimmer (switching on/off and dimming/lighting up), or the SRP-02 roller blinds controller (raising/lowering).


Name RNK-04 Exta Free 4-channel radio keypad transmitter
Product type Transmitter
System Exta Free
Mounting Free-standing
Housing type Wall switch
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of transmitters 4
Power supply battery CR2032
Dimensions mm 90 × 80 × 11.5