WLAN Wi-Fi Antenna: ATK-16/2.4GHz (14.5 dB, 5m cable & SMA/RP plug)

Code: A712425
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ATK16/2.4 GHz antenna is used for data transmission on the 2.4 GHz band - mainly for Internet connection.
Name ATK 16/2.4 GHz
Code A712425
Band [MHz] 2400-2480
Gain [dB]


(without measuring the influence of the wire)

Half power beam H/V [o] 25/29
Front / back ratio [dB] >15
Polarization vertical / horizontal
Number of elements 16
Output impedance [ohm] 50 (5m cable with SMA/RP plug)
Package cardboard box
Weight [kg] 0.84
Length [m] 0.44
Characteristics were made using HP8752A vector network analyzer, in a non-reflective chamber in the Telecommunications and Acoustics Institute at the Wroclaw Technical University.
Standing wave ratio characteristic in the frequency function
Radiation characteristic in E vector plane
Radiation characteristic in H vector plane


Name ATK-16/2.4 GHz 14.5 dB antenna + 5 m cable + SMA R/P connector
Product type WLAN antenna
type Directional antenna
Cable Length m 5
no. of cables 1
cable type RF-5
Connector type SMA R/P
number 1
Applications WLAN 2.4 GHz
Manufacturer DIPOL
Brand ATK
Applications outdoor
Operating band MHz 2400...2480
Max. gain dBi 14,5
Impedance Ohm 50
Radiation angle vertical polarization H/V° 25/29
horizontal polarization H/V° 29/25
Polarization H,V
DC-shorted No
VSWR <1.7
Dimensions mm 440 × 100 × 100
Cardboard box
Weight kg 0,84