You may need even more staff ...

An interview with Elsa Cheng from ACTi
Elsa Cheng from ACTi is responsible for market development in Eastern Europe. For the first time she visits Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. On April 22 she was the guest of Securex trade fair in Poznan and she also visited our headquarters in Krakow.
Elsa Cheng in DIPOL headquarters in Krakow.
- During your stay in Krakow you saw video surveillance system in neighboring Myslenice and another one in Krakow itself, on the housing development "W. A. Mozart". How do you judge these systems and what are your impressions?
- First of all, I'm happy that ACTi products ensure security of people. These are inspiring examples that municipal governments and building developers care for the security of residents.
Modern housing development - "Mozart"
- And your discoveries?

- Your experience with customers confirms the major role of software in overall reliability of monitoring systems. I got many new ideas which I'd like to pass on to our engineers.
- What about trends in CCTV systems?

- In Poland I think there is a great chance for IP CCTV systems. There is a growing interest in this technology, the people here absorb new things and technologies. So, they more and more often choose IP-based solutions. DIPOL has promoted ACTi products and also has a big share in development of the new technologies.
Elsa met the representative of TELCOM,
the installation company that made the monitoring system on "Mozart" housing development in Krakow
- I'm happy you appreciate our efforts. By the way, how do you perceive cooperation with DIPOL?

- DIPOL is for us the most important partner in Poland. It is a large company with well organized technical department employing excellent specialists. I think you may need even more staff in IP CCTV section - the market will grow fast and you have great potential. DIPOL is a well-respected company. I know that I can always be honest with you and pass on any information. You have popularized ACTi, especially in Poland.
"W.A Mozart" - housing development
- Thank you. :-) I'd like to ask you about new ACTi products.

- We have talked before about megapixel vandal-proof cameras. It's a quite new assortment. The most important innovation is use of H.264 compression.

- The main success of ACTi corporation?
_ The biggest success is creation and popularization of own professional brand. ACTi does not accept OEM products, all the equipment we sell we manufacture ourselves. We care for professional character of the equipment and keep pace with technological development. That's why I love to work for the company. The trade mark has a true value.
ACTi camera in Marathon housing, installed by Telecom from Krakow
- Can you give us an example of a large CCTV system based on ACTi equipment, your's pride and joy?

- In Japan there has been built video surveillance system for a big telecommunication company, with 800 ACTi cameras. It's especially important that our products standout against competition with SONY, BOSH etc.
- Thank you so much for your visit and the interview.

- Thank you, same to you. You are extremely hospitable company. It was my first weekend in Eastern Europe and I'll remember it forever. Simply you were too good for me! (a moment of shared laughter)

- So we'll see each other next year?
- Yes!

Have a safe journey, Elsa!